@4240 Welcomes Jim McKelvey's Square

Sep 23, 2015

When Wexford Science & Technology initially developed the former Southwestern Bell building at the corner of Duncan and Boyle, the vision was to create a community of knowledge and interactivity that would foster start-ups as well as provide well-established companies with a place to collaborate, learn and share experiences and success.

With the most recent tenant, Jim McKelvey's Square, it is truly realizing its vision. Square will occupy the first floor area within @4240 formerly used as a parking garage, part of an $850,000 conversion of the open-air space into 17,000 square feet of office space.

“Square was very focused on recruiting millennials and wanted to be in the city,” Dennis Lower, president and CEO of the Cortex Innovation District, commented. “We’re creating cool spaces — both inside and out — and... it became apparent that recruiting tech talent was critical for them.”