Wexford Science & Technology

Wexford Science & Technology, LLC is a private real estate investment and development company that meets the growing and specialized facilities needs of for-profit and not-for-profit institutions, including universities, university-related research parks, healthcare systems, entrepreneurs and private companies. We have an outstanding track record of developing knowledge communities throughout the country that cater to the needs of science and technology firms and the companies that work with them. These knowledge communities are vibrant, mixed-use, amenity-rich environments where innovation thrives.

With Wexford, you and your business are connected with the right resources:

  • Major universities and colleges locally and nationally
  • Both skilled and unskilled labor pools
  • Local multinational companies as well as start-up entities
  • Local civic decision makers
  • Connections to networks of local, national, and international capital and investment firms, providing access to growth opportunities
  • Access to legal and IP protection expertise

The Wexford Difference

We engage in "vision alignment" with our client institutions, taking into account their specific needs, to bring major shared strategic goals to fruition.

All of this helps us achieve our objective, which is to become a long-term partner with our tenants, supporting strategic organizational growth in significant value-added ways while strengthening the communities in which we work.

Wexford has life science and technology departments throughout the country including:

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