Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Horse Shelters, Wide Span Sheds. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Horse Shelters, Wide Span Sheds.

Horse Shelters, Wide Span Sheds

open face horse shed plans

Horse Paddock Shelters

Wide Span Sheds’ cold-form portal framed structures can be designed specifically to shelter your livestock, produce and feed from the natural elements. Typically a smaller open-front design, our horse shelter kits are ideal for erecting in your paddocks or day yards to give your animals a reprieve from the weather.

Depending on the nature of your property, and the space you require, we can certainly design steel paddock shelters to suit most tastes and building specifications. If you are looking for a larger design we can expand our open-front shed range or upgrade to an arena.

As all of our equine buildings are made using high quality BlueScope Steel and designed specifically for the Australian climate. Our paddock shelters are made using 450+ MPa GALVASPAN® Steel, which means your building has the ultimate protection from corrosion.

Being BlueScope Steel, you have the choice of ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel cladding to finish the paddock shelter off.

If you are located in cyclonic wind regions or in areas where snow or earthquake loading is required, we can ensure your horse shelter kit has the appropriate engineering. Additionally, we will design steel shelters in accordance with the building codes and regulations for your region, taking into account Importance Levels, terrain, topography and shielding on your site.

Give your livestock, produce and feed the absolute best protection and contact Wide Span Sheds. Call 1300 94 33 77 or send your details through via our Quote Request page and our designers can start creating your solution today.

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