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Free Woodworking Plans, MyOutdoorPlans, Free Woodworking Plans and Projects, DIY Shed, Wooden Playhouse, Pergola, Bbq

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Free Woodworking Plans

I have so many free woodworking plans on the site, that it is so hard for a beginner to choose something both simple to build and fulfilling. That is why, I decided to make a short list with my top 20 favorite projects that can be built by any person with basic woodworking skills and limited tools. Even if it might look intimidating at first, my detailed plans and step by step instructions make it really easy for anyone to get the job done.

Work with attention and don’t forget that a good planning will save you from many issues and it will keep the costs within your budget. Invest in high quality materials, such as pine, redwood or cedar. Drill pocket holes before inserting the galvanized screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. Add waterproof glue to the joints, in order to enhance the rigidity of the structure.

Woodworking is one of those activities that stimulates your creativity and gives you self confidence. As any other hobby, you should start with basic projects so you get accustomed with the skills and then move to more challenging projects. If you have a stressful life or you are just looking for an activity to help you bond with your family or friends, doing DIY projects is the ideal choice.

Not to mention that you can add value to your house while keeping the costs down. You really can save a lot of money by choosing to build your own furniture or outdoor structures. There are so many success stories on my blog shared by DIY-ers like you and me. They chose to take up the plunge and start building. You can see their projects HERE.

Tools you’ll need in getting started

Although buying the tools you will need will represent an investment in the beginning, if you keep building projects you will find it one of the most profitable things you have ever done. Each new project mean saved money and joy to your life. If you have a garage or a small workshop, you have a really solid starting point for building projects.

Basically, as you beginner you will need the following tools: a drill, an impact driver, a miter saw and a sander. With these tools you can cut, join and finish wood as a professional. If you want to save time and improve the quality of your work you can upgrade and buy yourself a pocket hole jig, a router, a thickness planer and a table saw. I have created a complete guide with tool recommendations and reviews HERE, so you make an informed decision.

1. Modern adirondack chair

Modern adirondack chair plans

Make your garden a lovely place with this adirondack chair tutorial.

2. Double chair bench with table

Double chair bench with table plans

Surprise your significant other with this double chair bench with table.

3. Planter bench

Planter bench plans

This planter bench will enhance the look of any front porch or patio.

4. K >

Simple kids picnic table

You kids will spend more time outdoor drawing and playing, with this simple picnic table.

5. Big green egg table

Building a XL big green egg table

Do you like cooking outdoor? This green egg table is the perfect excuse to spend more time in your backyard with your family and friends.

6. Bird feeder

Free birdfeeder plans

Attract singing birds to your garden by making this basic feeder.

7. Basic chicken coop

Backyard chicken coop plans

This simple chicken coop will provide you fresh eggs every day.

8. Dog feeding station with storage

Dog feeding station plans

Build this beautiful dog feeding station for your favorite pet. The storage space will also help you organize the pet food better.

9. Outdoor bar

This outdoor bar is great for any patio and it only requires 2x4s and 1x4s.

10. Porch swing

Installing the back rest slats

What can be more relaxing than reading a good book while swinging on the porch?

11. Arbor bench

How to build an arbor bench

Add appeal to your property with this extremely straight forward arbor bench.

12. Small greenhouse

Small greenhouse plans

Adopt a healthier lifestyle by growing your own vegetables in this small greenhouse.

13. Potting bench

How to build a potting bench

This potting bench is the best gift idea for that special lady in your heart.

14. Country bench

Country bench plans

If rustic is what you are aiming for, this fabulous country bench will touch your soul.

15. Log sawhorse

Log sawhorse plans

If you use firewood for heating, this log sawhorse will make everything easier.

16. Miter saw table

Miter Saw Table Plans

Any serious diy-er needs a proper miter saw table. The table is adjustable so that you can use any miter saw.

17. Tiered raised garden bed

Tiered raised garden bed plans

Make most of the space with this tiered raised garden bed. You can place this garden bed even on your balcony.

18. Wine and glass rack

Wine Glass Rack Plans

This wine glass rack is a fabulous gift idea and it only costs 5 $ to build.

19. Log store shed

Build a log store

Build this small log store from lumber or from pallet wood.

20. Tool shed plans

2×4 lean to shed plans

Build this basic 2×4 shed to protect your tools from the elements. You will be amazed by how easy it can be to build it.

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