Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Barn Interior Features. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Barn Interior Features.

Barn Interior Features

plans for a 12×12 shed pad base

Plans for a 12×12 shed pad base

Electrical wires should always be encased in conduit. Additionally this barn features concrete aisle and open half wall stall fronts with grilled stall dividers.

Structural Features and Interior Options

Every horse barn and farm structure should be built unique to the owner’s preferences – not a kit or “perfect barn for everyone” offer.

Do you prefer a contemporary metal horse barn or one of traditional board and batt? Have you considered entering the gate of your round pen mounted on horse back or will you always prefer to lead your horse? Do you prefer a poured aisle or ground aisle? Are the stalls 10 x 10, 14 x 14 or classically 12 x 12? Will you keep your hay in a separate shed or do you enjoy the look or function of a loft? Have you considered the possible need for a foaling stall with an easily removable dividing wall? We’ll be happy to discuss your options and weigh the value. In the end, we build according to your preference.

Many owners know their equestrian design preferences from past experiences and research. Others want to explore their options in conversation, with pictures or by visiting our well-built Georgia horse barns. These photos are only a sample of our work, but they provide ideas and are helpful when brainstorming the architectural preferences and structural features that you desire for your horse barn or farm related project. For those new to the barn and livestock lifestyle, we can offer practical suggestions as well as the pros and cons to define the choices most suited to you.
As Georgia barn builders we are blessed with plenty of work. So, our goal is to have each customer become another satisfied customer to spread the positive word about Precision Barn Builders, LLC regardless of whether you are a $20,000 or a $2 million project. What’s important is building your barn to your satisfaction in a price fitting your budget. We hold true to quality framing and building techniques as we plan to be building 20 years from now and don’t care to see our barns sporting sagging ridge lines with leaky roofs – the rest of the details about what goes in your barn is up to you!
Let Precision Barn Builders, LLC be your preferred choice among Georgia barn builders.

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