Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Sheds With Garage Doors, Storage Sheds, Motorcycle ATV Storage. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Sheds With Garage Doors, Storage Sheds, Motorcycle ATV Storage.

Sheds With Garage Doors, Storage Sheds, Motorcycle ATV Storage

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Sheds With Garage Doors | Storage Sheds | Motorcycle ATV Storage

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Motorcycle ATV Garage Sheds – The Perfect Winter Storage Solution

If you are paying rent to store your motorcycle in a storage unit, then ‘Stop’! Take one of our buildings in consideration.

Our motorcycle sheds are the perfect winter storage solution built to match your home or cottages design. They are conveniently delivered to you fully assembled & ready for immediate use.

Why not clean out the garage this winter and store your riding toys in a place all their own. Our Motorcycle ATV storage sheds (named after their most common use) are also great for storing your bicycles, lawn mowers, children’s riding toys, etc.

If you’re looking for one of our portable garage storage units but smaller than 12′ X 18′, then this shed design is for you.

Unlike our very popular portable garages, each motorcycle shed comes standard with a 6′ x 6′ garage door (with lock), one man door (with lock), and one window with screen. Also included are 2 vents on each side of storage unit for proper ventilation throughout the season.

Delivered Fully Assembled & Ready For Use!

Standard Exterior Options Include:

• LP Smart Board (50 Year Warranty)
• 13 colour options
• 6 beautiful architectural shingle designs

Portable Garage Flooring Construction:
The interior of the motorcycle storage unit includes a very sturdy and tough flooring able to hold all your toys and storage items without a problem very similar to our portable garages.

Each unit comes standard with 4×4 pressure treated beams running the length of shed. Pressure treated 2×4’s are then added every 12″ on center. Lastly, we install 3/4″ thick pressure treated plywood.

The motorcycle sheds interior matches that of all our engineered building practices. Build to meet and exceed Ontario Building Code requirements. If you decide to obtain a permit for your motorcycle shed, then the application and approval process will never be a problem as our buildings construction has been tested and approved.

Additional Motorcycle/ATV Shed Options:

• Vehicle ramps (for easy access)
• Extra doors & windows
• Workbenches & lofts
• Ventilation options
• Insulated Flooring

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