Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Tractor shed plans – The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Tractor shed plans – The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information.

Tractor shed plans – The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information

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Plans for tractor shed

I have put a search into Google for 12×16 run in shed plans and get back everything else. I want to build a simple 12×16 slant roof shed to keep my 8N and gator in. I will probably want a cantilever roof and eventually put a door or doors on the front. I do not mind paying for plans, but I at least want them to be what I am looking for.
Anyone know of a good place for plans?

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dave_r’s Barn

Did not need or want a garage. Did not search for garage. A pole shed. Run in style to house my tractor and my gator. Simple enough, just can’t seem to locate a set of plans.

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poncho62’s Barn
1974 Ford LGT100
1974 Ford LGT125
1974 Ford LGT165

deereboy55’s Barn
1946 ford 1/2 ton

I did a search for Loafing Shed Plans. (I do not use google to search)

Came up with some pole built ones.

Also some Loafing Shed Plans on Ebay.

Different regions, different names.

Sent from my DELL WS650 Desktop PC, by tappity tap tap’n on the keyboard. And which not even once have I dropped down the hole in the outhouse.
Utility before aesthetics.

Craftsman GT Model: 917.251522, 46” Deck w/ CV20S Kohler, Built 1996, Hydro trany, lever control.
Craftsman, Model: 842.242560, 46” Snowblower attachment. Heavy and noisy.
Craftsman, Model: 917.249740, 3 bin, Hard side Bagger.
Murray LT Model: 425618x48B, 18hp B&S, 42″ deck, 2004, Hydro trany., foot control. My Mower
Murray RER, Model 30550H, 1999, 10 hp Tecumseh, 30” cut, single blade. My trimmer.
Murray, Noma Model: 633124X8, 12hp Tecumseh OHSK120, 33″, 1997, Walk behind snow blower.
MTD Snowblower Model: 317E150-129, 139cc / 21”, 1996 My “Power Shovel”.

Yep. That is the only one that I could find. You would think that something so simple a design, that you should be able to just plug in the dimensions that you need and out pops a list of materials and instructions. No such luck.

Guess, I will just have to pay someone a damned high price for a simple shed.

poncho62’s Barn
1974 Ford LGT100
1974 Ford LGT125
1974 Ford LGT165

Matt / Ontario’s Barn
Old Girl
Old Orangey

Shouldn’t be too crazy to figure out materials or how to build. I have a 16’x12′ shed I put my garden tractor and my snowblower, push mower, tools etc in. It was formerly a pole shed but I closed it in.

You basically need 3 – 10′ 6×6 and 3 – 8′ 6×6 (depends on pitch you want and ceiling height) [don’t know if you’re doing sonotubes, pouring a floor or exactly what for footings. if you’re pouring a floor and closing in the walls except for the front where the doors will be then just frame with 2×4 on 2′ centers with a double top plate then skip right to putting rafters on top of the walls. Of course the door or doors will need headers over them]

Then put a double or triple lamination 2×10 or 2×8 beam on top of the posts (depending on if you get snow or not?) I know here you can’t use 4×4 for posts or 2×8’s for beams in most cases (not all) anymore you have to use 6×6 for posts and 2×10 for beams triple lam.

16′ 2×6 rafters on 2′ centers (10) cut them off after at desired overhangs front and back and then some 2×8’s or whatever you fancy for fascia board.

Once you have your posts and beams up and braced level and square take one of the 16′ 2×6 and hold it up to the ends of the beams (nail/screw temporarily) which will allow you to mark out your bird’s mouth notches for the rafters to sit on top of the beams. This gives you a template. Cut all the rafters the same as this.

Put collar ties in

Strap the roof on 1′ centers with 1×3 strapping

Once the footings are there it’s a simple process and simple to draw your own plans for as well. If you want to close in the end walls then strap them with 2×4 post to post and go from there. Squaring your footings is probably the most important step in coming out with a nice final product.

Depending on your abilities this could be tackled in a day with the footings in place.

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