Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have OO Setrack. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your OO Setrack.

OO Setrack

shed track plans

OO Gauge Setrack Winrail Plans

When designing Setrack plans we now use the standard radius two curve (Hornby/Bachmann R607/Peco ST226) as the minimum curve in accordance with ready to run manufacturers stock. Some early plans may use radius one curves (R605/ST221) which may cause some problems with some modern stock.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 1 (3620mm x 1220mm)

Working alongside an interior designer this plan is designed to fit on top of bespoke furniture for a children’s playroom. The plan is on two levels with the larger outer single track oval at high level featuring the Hornby Grand Suspension bridge and other bridges from the range.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 2

Hornby OO Gauge plan designed to fit a purpose built model railway shed. The design brief was to create a plan that operated in a similar way to a Dutch station with trains running on different levels.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 3 (3600mm x 2650mm)

Hornby OO Gauge Setrack plan designed to fit a reasonable size loft.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 4 (162″ x 96″)

Hornby OO Gauge Setrack plan designed to fit into an outbuilding.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 5 (84″ x 48″)

OO Gauge Setrack plan based upon the Peco Bredon design with alterations to remove the first radius curves.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 6 (192″ x 114″)

OO Gauge Setrack designed to fit into a large attic. A simple folded figure of eight allows for a change in height on the layout and hides a fiddle yard behind a scenic break.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 7 (126″ x 108″)

Designed to fit into a room around fitted bedroom furniture this plan had to feature a continuous run without and have a central operating area with a lifting section or the need to ‘duck under’ the layout.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 8 (3880mm x 2000mm)

Located in a large garage/outbuilding this plan features a simple concept of half heights to reduce gradients. The station at the bottom is at half height, the outer oval from the station is at datum and the inner oval from the station climbs to full height.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 9 (96″ x 72″)

Twin level OO gauge Setrack layout with extensive MPD.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 10 (1850mm x 1230mm)

Compact layout with twin track ovals and station passing loop. Based upon a Peco plan.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 11 (72″ x 48″)

Small table top layout designed to be folded in half hence no turnouts on the centre line.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 12 (126″ x 108″)

A design for a spare room with a possible lifting section at the bottom of the layout.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 13 (114″ x 66″)

Layout designed to fit into a bedroom leaving space for other use.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 14 (78″ x 48″)

Another table top Setrack layout with double track mainline and terminus platforms..

OO Gauge Setrack Design 15 (60″ x 48″)

Minimum space layout.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 16 (250″ x 58″)

Large twin track setrack design with a third loop that climbs to a high level. Designed for a large room.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 17 (96″ x 48″)

Track design showing two options for the same layout plan with minor alterations both to fit a standard 96″ x 48″ board.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 18 (72″ x 108″)

Tradition 72″ baseboard with extension for terminus station.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 19 (96″ x 110″)

Designed for a spare room this plan again features half heights to reduce gradients. The fiddle yard to the left is at datum with the hight level branchline terminus in front at full height – approximately 75mm above datum. The station and engine shed to the right are at the half height of around 37.5mm.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 20 (96″ x 48″)

A folded figure of eight with sidings and MPD.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 21 (96″ x 48″)

This time the standard 96″ x 48″ baseboard that splits in half for storage.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 22 (90″ x 42″)

Compact OO gauge table top layout.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 23 (180″ x 120″)

Twin track ‘dog bone’ oval with outer high level loop with lifting access.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 24 (96″ x 48″)

Simple double track oval with terminus station and MPD.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 25 (144″ x 48″)

This plan uses first radius curves.

OO Gauge Setrack Design 26 (120″ x 60″)

A very entertaining plan that uses first radius curves.

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