Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Mike s Small Trackplans Page. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Mike s Small Trackplans Page.

Mike s Small Trackplans Page

shed track plans

Cke1st’s Trackplans Page

When I design a layout, I almost always have something more in mind than “how much track can I jam into a limited space.” I try to make layouts where trains can operate and train-lovers can have some fun. I also make a point of setting some space aside for structures and scenery, which seem to be nothing but afterthoughts in a lot of plans for small spaces.

Important: Atlas no longer supports their Right Track software. Because it was a free download then, I hope there is no problem with me continuing to offer it for free now. This copy was originally from the site; I offer it as-is, as a convenience to the model railroad community. I cannot accept any responsibility or liability for use or misuse of this software, and I do not offer technical support or any other assistance in using it. The user accepts all responsibility and liability for the software and its effects. This software runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7; I do not know if it works on Windows 8 or on older versions.

I do not offer a custom track-planning service.

To download a trackplan file, right-click on its image and choose Save Target As . Trackplans are .RAL files (Right Track Software), mostly stored in .ZIP format.

Mike’s Tip: Nail & glue a strip of coved molding around the edges of your module or small layout. It adds almost nothing to the layout’s weight or footprint, but it gives you about 5/8″ extra width on each side – enough for an N scale ground throw or some basic trackside scenery.

New on 12/19/2012: 3 new doors
New on 09/29/2012: 4 new HO doors

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