Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Lifestyle Sheds, Barn Sheds NZ, Cars, Boats – Animal Sheds. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Lifestyle Sheds, Barn Sheds NZ, Cars, Boats – Animal Sheds.

Lifestyle Sheds, Barn Sheds NZ, Cars, Boats – Animal Sheds

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Lifestyle Sheds

Lifestyle Sheds

If you need an implement shed, a workshop and storage area, horse arena, or a multifunctional building, our experience in building farm, industrial and commercial sheds will ensure you get a shed that does the job and adds real value to your property. You can select from our Customised shed range for a purpose built shed tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Or, if it’s a quality, modular, no-frills low cost shed you need have a look at our No Bull Sheds range. Our No Bull range can be modified by span, length and stud height, number of bays, size and positions of doors and colours. They are a solid quality, low cost option if you just want the basics.

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103 – 10x7x2.9 Lifestyle Shed |Storage Sheds |Garage Sheds |Horse Sheds |Car Shed |Workshop |Steel Sheds

103 – 10x7x2.9 Lifestyle Shed
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Additional options from our Customised shed range include:

  • Skylights
  • Vermin Proofing
  • Bird Brushes for Roller Doors
  • Double Sided Foil, Breathable Building Paper or White Diffusion Lining Materials
  • Full range of Residential Grade Aluminium Joinery, including Bi-Fold, French Doors, etc.

Our Customised sheds are available in a range of roof pitches from 5 to 45 degrees, depending on your particular requirements. We offer a range of design styles, including Gable, the feature styles of the traditional American Barn and the Quaker Barn with the unique Mansard Roof design.

One of the key benefits of the American Barn design is that it provides variable types of usable space with the additional head and side room. Plus, the tall middle section allows for the easy addition of a mezzanine floor for storage or additional accommodation.

The American Barn design is ideally suited to all horse stable needs, with the bay structure easily customised for stabling and the tall centre section allowing installation of tall roller doors for easy access by horse trucks and floats.

You can also opt for a Mansard Roof design, which increases the headroom in the centre section. Not only are they very practical, but the Mansard Roof also adds a unique style to your shed.

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