Greenotter s Manufactured Home Reviews: The Loft, a modern singlewide shed roof design by Palm Harbor

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Greenotter’s Manufactured Home Reviews

Sunday, February 19, 2017

“The Loft,” a modern singlew >

This model, “The Loft” is located in Albany, Oregon, which is a Homes Direct dealer which has this Palm Harbor model for $51,000. It’s the only one, but you can probably put one on order at another dealer. HERE IS THE LINK to that website, which features a lot of other nice homes, all with prices, which I like. (I don’t like when you have to call for a price.)

For example, HERE IS A LINK to a $35,900 singlewide called “The Perris” on the same page. It’s also a Palm Harbor home. It’s not as exciting as “The Loft,” but with only one bathroom and less style, it’s less expensive.

Paying $35,900 for “The Perris,” rather than getting a bottom-of-the-line singlewide for $25,000, is probably worth it. “The Perris” would look nice inside, if it had one or two walls painted a color other than white. The whole thing is kind of a whiteout inside right now. I wanted to include this because sometimes the pricier brands like Palm Harbor produce some nice, inexpensive homes.

Some dealers offer granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances on their luxury homes, but on the inexpensive homes they’re kind of cheap all through. Palm Harbor and Karsten both build quality in their singlewides and small homes. Again though, fail on the dark kitchen cabinet color.

State standards for manufactured homes are high in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. By law, they can’t sell any manufactured homes with 2 x 4 walls, except if they are “park model” RVs. In states with lower standards, you can sometimes pay extra and get a home built to higher standards, and that’s what you should try to do. For example, locally, for me, the Karsten factory in Albuquerque will build a home with R-21 insulation in the walls, instead of R-19.

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