Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Garden Shed Plans – Backyard Shed Designs – Building a Shed. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Garden Shed Plans – Backyard Shed Designs – Building a Shed.

Garden Shed Plans – Backyard Shed Designs – Building a Shed

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Garden Storage Shed Plans

8 Foot Deep Garden Shed Plans

10 Foot Deep Garden Shed Plans

12×12 Garden Shed Plans

12×14 Shed Plans

12×16 Shed Plans

12×18 Shed Plans

12×20 Shed Plans

14 Foot Deep Garden Shed Plans

16 Foot Deep Garden Shed Plans

Corner Shed Plans

8×8 5 Sided Corner Shed Plans

Building Your Own Garden Shed

Garden shed plans can help you build the shed of your dreams. Building your own shed from our garden shed plans is the best way to get a shed that fits your needs. These beautiful designs will help you create the perfect space for a work area in the garden, a green house, general storage or a pool house. The main difference between a garden shed and a regular storage shed is the look of the shed and its utility. The look of a shed is changed by the construction details. Our garden sheds have construction details such as steep roofs, and ornamental woodwork such as detailed window and door trims or crown molding. If you are using your garden shed as a greenhouse then there will probably be lots of windows and maybe even a translucent roof. Garden sheds that are used as pool houses come in many designs and often have an open area that is covered and an enclosed area that can be used for preparing food or changing clothes and some even have a bathroom.

Styles of Garden Shed Plans

Our garden shed plans come in all of the most popular shed sizes. This makes it easy to pick the perfect style and size for your storage or work area needs. Our garden shed plans include the popular Cape Cod shed and Colonial shed designs.

Cape Cod Shed Designs

The Cape Cod shed designs are a great example of a beautiful garden shed design. The steep pitched roofs, windows, board and batten siding and home built doors help this design to look good in any garden. The Cape Cod sheds have the door offset to one side and the windows between the door and the opposite end of the shed. The addition of window shutters

Colonial Shed Designs

The Colonial shed designs are another beautiful shed that reflects the symmetry shown in early American home construction. The door is centered on the long wall of the shed with a window on either side of it.

If you are looking for a regular gable shed plan, lean to shed plan, more traditionals greenhouse shed plans, and barn shed plans you will find the links to them on our main shed plans page.

Details For Cape Cod Designs

The exteriors of traditional Cape Cod houses are often covered using lap siding or unpainted shingles. While any of our garden shed designs can have horizontal lap siding or shingles applied to the exterior, our designs use the more modern sheet siding like textured plywood or grooved plywood. Many of our plans use battens on top of the textured plywood to give the shed the look of a board and batten exterior.

Covered porches are available on several of our cape cod sheds. Although not a traditional Cape Cod style, the porches add a cute detail to your garden shed design. They also add additional covered space that can be used to set a few lounge chairs or store your lawnmower under.

Windows are an important design element for the Cape Cod garden shed. The windows typically have shutters on each side and are painted the same color as the front door or white to match the trim. The roof is steep using a 10 in 12 pitch with a small overhang .

Details For Colonial Garden Shed Designs:

The exterior of Colonial homes vary depending on which region of the United States they are built in. The details for the exterior of our colonial sheds are derived from a mix of the various colonial styles. They also are designed to use sheet siding like plywood or grooved T1-11 and then have 1×2 wood battens installed over the look of a board and batten siding. But horizontal siding or other treatments can be used to match your local architecture.

Several of our colonial shed designs are also available with a covered front porch to give your yard or garden shed an inviting atmosphere where you can take a break out of the elements or simply store things.

The window locations are symetrical with one on each side of the door on the larger designs. They are typically taller than wide and spaced evenly across the front of the shed.

The Colonial shed design uses the same 10/12 roof pitch. Please contact us if you would like to use a lower slope roof for one of these garden sheds.

Optional Roof Pitches:

All of the sheds except the ones with a porch can accomodate a lower slope roof pitch. We have the designs on file and can send them to you after your purchase. If you are looking for a more basic and cost effective shed roof design for your garden then a lower slope roof design may be the perfect fit. We have designs for a 4/12, 5/12, 6/12 and 8/12. The lower slope makes them easier to build and reduces the costs of roof materials a bit.

Other Garden Shed Designs: The designs shown here are not the only “garden shed” designs. Most any shed can be considered a garden shed, as long as it is in a garden. But adding litte details and making it “cute” always helps to enhance the atmosphere of your yard or garden areas. Other design styles such as the lean to shed, barn shed, and modern shed can be found on our main Shed Plans Page.

Start Planning and Building a Garden Shed Today! With so many shed plans to choose from you should be able to find the perfect garden shed design to fit your yard and garden storage needs. Most of the larger sheds can easily be finished to be used as a work area or a home office or art studio. We have some great resources to help you create the perfect backyard work space. Check out our How To Build A Shed section or our Shed Builders Photo Gallery for more ideas.

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