Floor plans for a Derksen 12×32: TinyHouses

12×32 shed floor plans


Floor plans for a Derksen 12×32?

Is there anyone in this fine subreddit that might be interested to help me make a floor plan for one of the Derksen cabins, specifically the 12×32, for myself, my wife, and my two toddlers?

I can pay if it’s not a ridiculous amount. Or I could 3D print you a request. Or whatever other barter you may be interested in!

Edit: Sorry, this is actually the one I was looking at.

From what I’ve been told, you put down $500 and there’s no credit check and also free delivery. I also already have a spot for land setup with electricity, sewage, and water. I tried to find a floor plan of the inside but this is the closest I could find. It’s not to scale and not the same measurements but pretty close.

For anyone who thinks they might want to help, we really only are looking to put in one large sleeping area for all of us. (I know, a two and three year old in one big bed with me and the wife isn’t the best but it’s to hold us over until the big house is built.) A full sized kitchen. A “living room” for relaxing. And then there are loft spaces on both ends that can be for whatever.

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