Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Dormer Shed Plans – Designs to Build Your Own Shed With A Dormer. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Dormer Shed Plans – Designs to Build Your Own Shed With A Dormer.

Dormer Shed Plans – Designs to Build Your Own Shed With A Dormer

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Dormer Storage Shed Plans

What Is A Dormer Shed?

Building a dormer on your backyard shed is the perfect way to add more light inside and create a truly stunning shed on the outside. Traditionally the dormer roof was invented to add space to an existing attic space for a sleeping or storage area. In our shed plans the dormer roof adds additional storage space and light.

A dormer is a wall that extends up through the main roof of the shed. It typically contains windows and the roof of the dormer area is a lower slope than the main roof. This area opens up the roof on the inside of the shed to allow for more storage space and daylight.

Our dormer shed plans come with a loft area designed into the shed. The loft has an open space to allow the sunlight coming through the dormer windows down into the main floor of the shed.

Features Of Our Dormer Shed Plans

Basic design: Our shed plans with a dormer roof are based on our Traditional Shed.

Shed Roof Design: They feature a 4 in 12 pitch dormer roof built on a steeper 10 in 12 pitch roof. The roof for this shed is “stick framed” which means it utilizes a ridge board and rafters. This is different from most of our other plans that utilize a truss. A stick framed roof is a bit more of a challenge to frame than a trussed roof.

Windows: The windows in the dormer shed design are typically 12 inches tall and an appropriate width to give the shed a nice look on the exterior. The main walls of the shed also have windows. The number of windows depends on the size of the shed.

The transom window above the door adds to the beauty of the dormer shed design. The transom window is installed on the shorter wall of the shed above the double doors. It sits at the level of the loft area.

As with any of our shed designs the windows can be left off or moved when you build your shed to customize the shed for your needs. When a window is not installed you will install wall studs at 16 inches on center just like the rest of the shed.

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