Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Dan s 12×10 Saltbox Shed. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Dan s 12×10 Saltbox Shed.

Dan s 12×10 Saltbox Shed

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Dan’s Awesome 12×10 Saltbox Shed

Here’s Dan’s 12×10 saltbox shed he built using my 12×10 saltbox shed plans. This shed has lots of character and Dan did a beautiful job building it. The color scheme looks great! This is one nice looking shed!

Dan has made a compacted gravel base which is perfect for setting your shed on. This looks to be about 4″ of compacted gravel. The floor framing is being done with treated 2×6 lumber.

Looks like the family dog is checking out the progress of this neat 12×10 saltbox shed. Dan is also using treated plywood panels to sheet the floor with. Notice how the panels are staggered to help strengthen the floor up.

The walls are framed with regular lumber, however the bottom plate shown in the plans is treated. These are options you can go with in these plans. The flooring and bottom plate don’t have to be treated, but recommended.

Setting the trusses into place. This shed won’t have very much storage space in the loft area, but Dan has picked these 12×10 saltbox shed plans because this wasn’t necessarily a needed option down the road.

Pre-built shed trusses spaced 24″ on center. The walls are also spaced 24″ on center, so you can see where Dan placed his window. Right in between 2 wall studs, and the trusses above are resting on these wall studs, so no need for a window header.

Dan is using t1-111 siding sheets for his shed. This is a good choice for shed siding, however it needs to be primed and painted, and will probably need maintenance every few years or so.

You can see here on the side that Dan has placed a flashing between siding panels. This is known as a ‘z’ flashing, and helps prevent water penetration to the inside of the shed. It also protects the horizontal edged of the siding panels.

A nice view of the front showing the soffit framing.

Dan, you did a great job building this nice 12×10 saltbox shed! I hope it gives you years of satisfaction. You can really be proud of this accomplishment!

Awesome job Dan!

Here’s the 12×10 saltbox shed plans Dan used to build his neat shed.

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