Naturally , before you start creating the lose, you must have Create the Ultimate Beer Shed #Beer #Shed – Hubby Helps. It makes the construction easier and permits us to easily determine the number of developing materials you will need with your Create the Ultimate Beer Shed #Beer #Shed – Hubby Helps.

Create the Ultimate Beer Shed #Beer #Shed – Hubby Helps

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Create the Ultimate Beer Shed #Beer #Shed

We have a lot of space in our house and we are creating more every time we finish off another room, however each room always seems to be another area for the kids to takeover! I got to thinking that I should invest in a place just for me, and that man cave (shed) would be mine, like many other men who are desperate to carve out their own area without toys and the other trappings of children!

Not any old shed mind but an Ultimate Beer Shed, Badger Ales have recently ran a competition that really caught my eye where they gave away The Ultimate Rugby Shed, which included a 65″ 4k TV complete with stadium surround sound, a beer fridge and even a pie oven to mention a few! You can check it out in the following video to see it in its glory:

For me I would have to insist on adding a few extras of my own into the already tight setup, I would want to throw a laptop or two in there just for the occasions sport isn’t on, it would also lend the space to other streaming services, not to mention some quick online or LAN gaming! Perhaps adding a dart board and football table if there is room, and make the shed a mutli-sport experience and a space that is the envy of all dads!

The only issue I can foresee is trying to keep the place a secret, I will have to ensure I have some generic looking tools as a prop when entering the shed just to keep the kids off the scent, and periodically produce some wood worked furniture, well a quick order from an oak furniture shop to pass off as my own creation! (I am sure they won’t guess!) so all my time in the shed looks well spent.

I can for sure not only get some peace and quiet but also keep up to date on all future sporting events, while honing my skills on the dart board! Well let raise a well earned glass of badger to living the dream anyway! Us dads deserve some TLC.

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